Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Configure Network for dhcp

Initially our base or vanilla OEL instance will use dhcp for network connections. Once we clone this instance into a database, application server, or management server we will want to switch this to a static ip. By default the Oracle Virtual Box will Nat traffic from your virtual machine out through your physical machines ip.If you have followed the steps in the previous tutorials your network card will most likely just not be connected. Follow these steps to set the network card to automatically connect.

Video Demo:

Step 1. Set Network card to automatically connect to network.
  Left Click System
  Choose Preferences
  Choose Network Connections 
  Highlight System eth0 <—This will be the primary network interface.
  Click Edit
  Check “Connect automatically”
  Click Apply
  Click Close
Step 2. Check Network
  Right click desktop
  Choose open terminal
  enter ifconfig into command prompt
  Verify that a new ip address has been assigned

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