Monday, January 14, 2013

Installing Trusted CA into Oracle Wallet Manager (OWM).

Purpose: Tutorial on installing a third party Trusted CA into Oracle Wallet Manager. Oracle Wallet Manager manages certificates used by the Oracle database. The certificates can be used to authenticate with 3rd parties. Not all third party trusted CA’s are in the wallet and new ones are being created regularly. Adding a cert to the (OWM) Oracle Wallet Manager is an easy task.

This tutorial explains how to perform this task on a Linux server.

Step 1. From a vncsession on the local server start the Oracle Wallet Manager.
  xhost +
  sudo su – oracle
  . oraenv
  choose database
  cd bin
Step 2. Open the Wallet your working with.
  right click wallet
  choose open
  enter password
Step 3. Import CA
  Choose Operation
  Choose Import Trusted Certificate
  Paste New cert
Step 4. Verify Certificate shows up
  Scroll certificate list and make sure it exists
Step 5. Sign Out
  Right click wallet
  choose auto login
  choose sign out
  choose exit