Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oracle Linux 6 (OEL)

These tutorials provide quick and easy steps to practice working with Oracle Linux 6. Oracle Linux is a base Red Hat Linux distribution so it works in many ways the same as Red Hat Linux. There are several features that makes the Oracle Linux distribution appealing. The Oracle Linux release has several Oracle based features such as ASM, KSPLICE, and OCFS2. These features are no longer available in base Linux distribution. OEL is an acronym used for Oracle Linux. Almost all of the tutorials on this site will work equally as well on Enterprise Red Hat Linux. Oracle has a slightly lower base cost with a ULN license costing just over $100 dollars, and a free OEL 6 distribution that can be used for testing.

Installing Oracle Linux 6 on Virtual Box
Resolve yum lock
Creating disk group with logical volume manager (LVM)
Yum Download rpm do not install.


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