Friday, January 11, 2013

Install Oracle Linux 6 on Oracle Virtual Box

Oracle Linux is an ideal product to use for Oracle database and application server installs. Oracle has add additional features to its branded Linux that allows you to more easily install Oracle components. Some of the features include ASM, OCFS and KSPLICE. These features are available for a small paid subscription. You can use the generic Oracle Linux to test and learn Oracle by free download.

Purpose: This tutorial will walk you through the steps of installing Oracle Linux 6 on Oracle Virtual Box. This configuration will give you a base install that can be modified to support many different oracle products quickly and easily.

1. Install Oracle Virtual Box software
2. Create a Virtual Box Image
3. Configure Oracle Linux 6 ISO as primary cd/dvd drive
4. Install Oracle Linux 6
5. Configure Network for dhcp
6. Configure Oracle yum repository
7. Mount Software file system.
8. Oracle Linux Post Install Steps